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    Designed according to customer demand for glass and all kinds of special heat-resistant glass substrate.

    (High-efficiency anti-reflection) coatings improve usability of information display systems by reducing glare while maintaining crisp, sharp images.

    With growing use of both desktop and mobile displays worldwide, consumers are demanding products that offer clear, crisp images with unmatched viewability in diverse lighting conditions.

    Our durable, multilayer coatings form the building blocks for better performing displays by offering clear, crisp images, bright colors, unexcelled viewability, and glare reduction.

    With global distribution and fabrication partners in the U.S., Asia and Europe, and a selection of standard products in high volume production, we offer our customers maximum flexibility in design and manufacturing.


    Optical spec.

    Tave>98% @420~680nm

    thickness : 0.3 ~ 3 mm

    dimension : 10~ 200 mm

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